Your visit to Dr Samuel Benarroch MD, DDS, MS

Nicola & Jenny your Patient Coordinators

Your experience of coming to Dr Samuel Benarroch

Our aim is to remove as many concerns as possible about travelling abroad for surgery. We manage all arrangements and if you have booked our transport service., then our driver will meet you at Malaga Airport and bring you directly to the Nest or 5 star Hospital Banus or to your chosen hotel in Marbella.


The Nest is available to "ALL" transgender patients travelling to Spain for surgery. Providing we have already established protocol for your postoperative care with your clinic.  

Your postoperative recovery

If your are staying at a hotel or enjoying the five star accommodation at Hospital Banus, we will visit you daily, to tend your surgical incisions and ensure that your recovery is progressing well. If you are staying at the Nest we will ensure all is well with your recovery process here. As you start to feel better we will arrange to accompany you and other patients to our favourite places in Marbella.


Over the years we have built many relationships with the local Spanish community, which benefits our patients greatly. We receive excellent service where ever we go and this considerably enhances your visit to Spain.


Our aim is to provide support, companionship, combined with highly experienced postoperative care and a social experience which you will remember fondly for many years to come!

Your visit to us for surgery

In advance of your arrival, we provide a detailed schedule of your appointments and further information about your visit. 


A typical program for your Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery (FGCS) is as follows, -


Day 1. Arrival in Marbella and settling in at your hotel or welcome you to the Nest.


Day 2. Preoperative tests and consultation with Dr Benarroch and members of his team.


Day 3. Surgery


Day 4, 5 & 6 You will spend three nights under the care of Dr Benarroch and his team at Hospital Banus. We will visit you daily to provide support and companionship to all of our patients. 


Day 7. We will meet you upon your release from hospital, provide your mrdication check sheet and ensure you are settled in comfortabley at your hotel or return with you to the Nest. 


Day 8 to day 11 This begins your postoperative recovery period.


Day 12. Removal of stitches and final consultation with Dr Benarroch.


Day 13 & 14 completes your postoperative recovery.


Day 15. Return home.


We CARE about you!