Rhinoplasty or nose remodelling is one of the most common procedures in FGCS and is often combined with other procedures.


The shape of the nose is a key feature of our facial appearance and it is important that any proposed changes are considered in relation to other facial features. This begins at the consultation, where a complete facial analysis is undertaken and your expectations are discussed.


There are often significant differences between male and female noses and this is considered within this surgical proposal. Dr Benarroch will provide you with a surgical proposal so as to obtain the best possible outcome for you.


Noses can be made smaller by removing cartilage and bone and the shape of the nose can be changed by breaking the nasal bone and changing the position of the cartilage. Nasal tip refinement is commonly performed, which is achieved by excising some cartilage and suturing. This allows the tip to be narrowed or enlarged or rotated and be modified as desired. The nose can be made larger by harvesting (grafting) cartilage from the ears and bone from a number of areas to build up the nose.


There are two predominant types of nasal surgical procedure, which are open and closed Rhinoplasty. In an open Rhinoplasty an incision is made between the nostrils and in a closed Rhinoplasty small incisions are made inside the nostrils to access the areas for treatment. The full result of surgery may not be seen for several months, so as to allow for the swelling to be minimised and the healing process to complete.