Body surgery


Body Surgery encompasses a group of surgical techniques that aim to improve those areas of our body that we do not feel comfortable with.


Dr. Benarroch and his team consisting of plastic surgeons specialized in the most current techniques available. Dr Benarroch's Body Surgery Team specializes in breast augmentation, liposculpture, and gluteal implants.

Breast Surgery

The Breast Surgery Unit, specializes in performing 3 types of procedure: Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction and Lifting.

Breast augmentation

It is a surgical procedure which increases the volume of the breasts by means of the placement of prostheses. The prostheses we use are cohesive gel which have a high resistance and texture prevents capsular contracture, providing a texture that prevents wear and friction in the tissues, making the result both touch and visual is very natural.

The shape of the prostheses may be round or anatomical. The round prostheses have low, medium and high profiles; The anatomical  are in the form of a tear drop, which adapts to each patient individually.

Breast lift

Is a surgical intervention that is performed when the breasts are drooping and the skin has lost tone and elasticity. We elevate and reposition them.

When the breasts have volume, but are flaccid or sagged, they are given a new shape without the need for a prosthesis, only with the patient's tissues.

When the sagging breast do not have enough volume, the tissues, skin, and the areola-nipple complex must be elevated at the same time as a prosthesis is inserted.

Breast Reduction

Is the surgical procedure performed when the patient has an exaggerated breast size.

Very large breasts cause various body aches like back, neck etc. In addition, they cause discomfort in the patient's daily life.

The breast lift elevation intervention are very similar, since the enlarged breast is always sagging.

Gluteos Surgery

Is a surgical procedure which consists of increasing, elevating, reaffirming, beautifying and / or adding volume to the glutes.


Among the most common surgical procedures, we can highlight:


Increase of buttocks with prosthesis: reaffirmation through gluteal implants. Today's implants provide total security, making it look all natural.


Elevation of glutes by injections with the patient's own fat.


Correction of the gluteal fold: optical improvement of the gluteal silhouette through liposculpture.

The recovery is very short, achieving the incorporation to work and daily life quickly.


Is a surgical technique that consists of extracting the fat, through small incisions in the skin, by means of a cannula and suction.


Apparently simple, liposculpture is a difficult intervention, requiring a very precise knowledge of morphology and body anatomy in addition to a certain artistic sensitivity.


Liposculpture is not the solution in case there is flaccidity or excess skin, in which case it will be necessary to perform another type of intervention. Nor does it eliminate the tendency to gain weight, so it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet.


Liposuction can be performed on virtually all parts of the body, from the face to the legs and arms, either as an isolated intervention or as a complement to other surgeries.