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Molding Mask (Explained and written by Dr Ramon Roige)


Unlike other treatments, including surgical, Molding Mask is a non invasive facial rejuvenation process developed by Molding Clinic's director Dr Ramon Roige. Molding Mask with its individually adapted formulas, regenerates the fundamental substances located in the dermis. This increases the production of collagen, elastin and fibroblasts and by doing so results in a fresh appearance and younger looking skin.

Corrective results of this treatment

Molding Mask acts on deep wrinkles, dropped eyelids, acne scars, wrinkled or flaccid skin, hyperpigmentation, spots and freckles. Following treatment these are replaced by a new, firm and younger looking skin. The results will last for many years!


Molding Mask can be performed at any age, as the formula can be adapted to each individuals specific needs.


Molding Mask achieves a younger fresher skin


Molding Mask achieves excellent results in persons with acne scars, wrinkled skin and skin spots or freckles from an early age.

A face treated by this method remains youthful and rejuvenated for many years, and will undergo a natural ageing process, that unlike many other treatments, will not loose the long term effects of this treatment over time.


Care should be taken to avoid direct and prolonged sun exposure for the first three months following this procedure. Sun screen should always be applied during this period and a parasol used to afford greater sun protection. Sun exposure must be started gradually and progressively after the fourth month.

After treatment

The process begins with a thorough medical examination to ensure the welfare and treatment adaptations to each patients specific needs.


On the first day a double mask is applied, which is composed of silk tape and other permeable materials, which retain moisture with water and fourteen natural products penetrating and acting on the papillary dermis.


On the second day the mask is removed in one piece. The skin is cleansed, an astringent and healing powder is applied. A new mask is then applied and during the next seven days, the mask serves as a natural protection coating that exerts a lifting effect.


Mineral oils, zinc oxide cream and a cotton mask are applied for 8 hours on day nine. Then this last mask is removed revealing a radiant and smooth skin.

24 hours after removal of the last mask the patient can return home and resume their normal activities. (Sun screen must be applied for the first 3 months and a parasol used in direct sunlight)




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