Facial rejuvenation by Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)


MIS is a surgical technique where the operation is performed through small incisions and using specialized instruments or endoscope.


The objective is to perform the procedure in a less invasive manner (less aggression to the body), which allows the patient:

  1. To recover faster

  2. Minimize postoperative pain

  3. Reduce the size of scars

  4. Reduce the likelihood of surgical complications

  5. Only minor bleeding

  6. Shorter convalescence

In Aesthetic Facial Surgery , the Minimally invasive techniques are useful, traditional surgical procedures for facial rejuvenation have been modified by this innovation, giving the patient great benefits and excellent cosmetic results.


It is indicated in people of any age who wish to recover from natural and harmonious facial youth, these techniques allow rejuvenate your face up to 10 years in a single day ( Facelift Armónico )

Signs of Beauty and Youth

The most common techniques used in their clinic are:

  • Mini Mini forehead lift or brow lift

  • Mini face lift or mini face lift (FAST LIFT)

  • Mini Mini Neck lift or neck lift

Mini Lifting Front


The mini forehead is surgical removal of excess fat and skin, as well as perform a slight pull of the muscles in the forehead area. You can correct drooping eyebrows, folds in the front area or wrinkles between the eyes. 


The aim is to create a more harmonious and youthful facial appearance, can be performed together a lifting mini face or neck , blepharoplasty , fat modeling , techniques of tissue regeneration (mothers or growth factors cells), peelings or injections botox. 

The difference between the mini  forehead and classical stretching is the size of the incisions, this technique is performed with 3 to 5 short incisions, less than 2 centimeters long and behind the hairline, making them imperceptible after a while. The recovery period and scarring is minimal with a maximum of 3 days.


It is performed in our clinic on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia and oral sedation (patient awake but relaxed).

Mini Face Lift

With age skin and muscle flaccidity it occurs causing a decrease of tissues in three dimensions, appearing a loss of facial volume ( Facelift ).


This technique is used to replenish said volumes especially cheeks and improve the midface.

It is performed through two incisions one - level temporal region above the ear and the other in front, incisions like the mini brow lift are hidden in the natural creases of the ear and the hairline. Dissection of the skin at the cheek is limited and must not go beyond the point of greatest prominence of the malar or cheekbone.

Subsequently, a vertical drive is made, making repositioning descended tissues, malar fat, stretch and eliminate folds midface, especially the genial naso groove finally excess skin is excised and sutured without tension, we accomplish this by rigid fixation of fat and muscle tissue, making a clear difference with the other techniques.


The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and conscious oral sedation, it lasts an hour or an hour and a half and the patient goes home immediately. Recovery is five to seven days.

In order to create a more harmonious and youthful facial appearance, it can be performed together , a mini neck lift or forehead , blepharoplasty , fat modeling , techniques of tissue regeneration (mothers or growth factors cells), peelings or injections botox.

Mini Lifting Neck: Operation GILL

When age fat accumulates in the neck (gill), the oval face becomes less defined, appears double chin . This technique is performed through small incisions located below the ear and chin. 


Often combined with a neck liposuction which is made by very thin flat cannulas 2mm thus we adhere to the skin deep planes getting a good profiled jaw. As in the other stretching techniques should be performed atrial sub fixation prevents voltage ( U Handset Fixation ) in the area and the possible opening of the wound.

How long do the results last, -


The procedure can back up to ten years or more almost instantly and naturally, the appearance of his face, however the aging process will run its natural course from this new surgery, obviously seeing younger and better.


It is better to inject materials into the face

The results are much more natural to inject permanent or temporary materials. The minimally invasive surgery is the answer for those fearful patients of major surgeries. Remember that your face is forever, these techniques are designed so that his face is not deformed or change his expression.


As with any surgery , there are inherent risks, which may include post-operative swelling, discomfort and bleeding slight, but are extremely lower than that of traditional procedures.

Other MIS procedures

  • Facials prosthesis

  • Facial Harmony and Analysis. Symmetry, balance and shape

  • Aesthetic or cosmetic surgery without surgery

  • Facial rejuvenation


Factors such as skin type, sun exposure and heredity play a role in determining how much the duration of the result, skin care are essential to prolong

Is Minimally Invasive surgeryfor me


Is minimally invasive surgery suitable for me?

If you are a healthy patient, between 40 and 65 years or older, have signs of facial aging and are looking for simple techniques with huge benefits,Minimally Invasive Surgery is for you.