So ask me what its like to be trans?

Jenny's view

For me, being trans is part of a celebration of human diversity and of our 'absolute' right to present ourselves, and live as the people we really are.

There have been so many wonderful moments and some challenging ones, such is life for all regardless. I love the freedom of total expression, and the feeling of completeness it brings.


I don't have to act like a man, or do man things. I can be colourful, soft and gentle, wear my lovely clothes, shop, and interact with others, as who I really am.

It is also the fulfilment of a lifetime's journey and an affirmation as to the gender in which we strive to live. The process of change; electrolysis, hormones and for some, the many other physical changes, including FFS which sets us free.

All of these things, fuelling the intoxicating essence
which drives the expression of femininity within us…

Making change reality!