Hidden Secrets by Translingerie


Translingerie is an innovative Spanish company based in Madrid and is at the forefront of meeting the needs of the transsexual community.


They offer a wide range of comfortable undergarments which ensure a flattering and feminine appearance in every moment of your daily life. As a company, their main objective is to ensure that we feel comfortable and confident, knowing that all is in place and concealed.

"The comfort of our Trans Trucadoras is due to their design and manufacture with innovative new fabric and elastic materials. A plastic appliqué in the front of the panty provides extra grip, this keeps everything in place at all times. Our garments are made to fit and adapt to all body types and are available in many sizes.


Translingerie garments have been designed with care so clothes fit perfectly to your body, to make you look and feel special. We ship our products throughout the world and have many satisfied clients internationally."

Detailed design

The panties grip the body like a second skin and it is unlikely that you will need to adjust their position.


The fabric is elasticated, comfortable yet strong and the seams around the leg and the crotch prevent the testicles from protruding.


The width of the thong, where it passes between the buttocks, hugs the thighs ensuring comfort and will not ride up.


Simply pull the panty up at the front and a little more at the rear, to expose your buttocks and all is held secure.


See how to put the panty on, click here.

Inside the sleeve with integrated plastic appliqué & Outside the elasticated seams which hug the thighs and rise between the buttocks to the waist band


Even in tights, all is concealed and the outline is smooth.


The delicious cleavage, created from the thong rising between the buttocks is clear to see.


We have 'road tested' this garment to destruction: Swum, sunbathed, cycled, walked, run in it and washed it many times, but it will not concede...


Sizes are available in: S, M, L and XL and detailed measuring instructions are given on Translingerie's website (Please see below)


These are excellent products and a joy to wear.

The new range

Check out the fabulous new range of panties on Translingerie's website and find all the information you need to place your order.


Email:  translingerie@translingerie.com


Website:  www.translingerie.com


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Hidden Secrets, until we choose they should be hidden no more...