Hospital Banus

Hospital Banus


Hospital Banus is located in Marbella heading East toward Puerto Banus. Their facilities are outstanding and have been designed and constructed to resemble a 5 star hotel and cover some 3000 metres. The buildings are surrounded by absolutely gorgeous Mediterranean landscaping, with a warm micro climate enjoyed all year round.


A range of Minimal Invasive Surgical (MIS) procedures and non invasive procedures are performed at Hospital Banus. Any of Dr Benarroch's patients may choose to stay at Hospital Banus where you can enjoy all of the benefits of their 5 star accommodation.


The clinics accommodation is composed of fifteen rooms, 2 of which are large suites, 8 double rooms and 5 single rooms. All rooms are equipped with private bathroom, television, DVD player, music network, fridge, safe and wifi is supplied via fibre optic cable throughout the entire building. All amenities are encompassed in a luxurious and comfortable environment with grounds to to walk in and enjoy as you recover.


For patients staying at a hotel in Marbella or with us at the Nest we will visit you daily to provide support and companionship throughout your initial and entire recovery. We will also be there to meet you and accompany you back to your hotel in Marbella or to us at the Nest upon your release from hospital.


Inside all equipment and technology is as required in a hospital setting, but with a totally different structure to that of a conventional hospital. The patient is treated to the standards of a top grade hotel and can choose their favourite foods from the “Chef”.


The clinics philosophy is the combination of health and aesthetics and the most advanced services and technology. This enables a wide range of therapies to be offered in addition to you FGCS of the same quality as the most prestigious clinics in the World.