Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery (FGCS)

Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery (FGCS)

Our faces are composed of gender defining characteristics which make male and female faces identifiable at a glance. We make an instant and instinctive evaluation based on these characteristics as to the gender of the person, from which other instinctive responses then follow.

Typically these characteristics in the male are, - forehead, shape of the nose, distance from the top lip to nose, shape of the chin and jaw.


Symmetry, proportion and a healthy refreshed appearance also enter into our instinctive evaluation.


To live as women it helps if we can blend and integrate socially. To more readily achieve this, then these masculine facial characteristics need to be remodelled to more closely follow natal female facial characteristics.

FGCS has become increasingly sought after, and many women recognise that this has become an integral component in our transition. Whilst most patients are full time, an ever increasing number who present less frequently, seek FGCS to more readily enable their feminine expression.

Although FGCS is growing to become a fundamental element in our transition, it may not provide all of the solutions that we seek. It is therefore of the greatest importance, that we are afforded clear indications, as to the expectations from surgery. This begins with the consultation process, from which a mutually agreed proposal for our surgery is designed.