Facial and body hair removal

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Removing facial hair is of significant importance to us and is often the most time consuming and painful part of our transnational process.. There is no substitute for experience and we are delighted to recommend Erica Poole from Surrey UK.


With some 35 years experience in treating transgender women, Erica has developed techniques which enable larger areas to be cleared than by conventional methods.

Laser or Electrolysis

Laser hair removal is not always permanent but does treat a much larger area of the face or body in lesser time.


Laser works on dark hair only, so electrolysis will still be required.


How laser works

A pulse of light is absorbed by the hair and and the resulting heat impacts on the hair follicle. The darker the hair is then the treatment is more effective. Ideally your skin tone will be light in colour with very little pigment, otherwise the skin may become damaged. A consultation with us is recommend before commencing any laser treatment. Removal of any hair is also dependent upon the growth cycle of the hair.


We do advise that laser as a way to reduce and temporarily remove facial and body hair.



Erica recommends Thermolysis or Blend as opposed to only Galvanic Electrolysis due to speed, cost and efficiency. Electrolysis is the only proven way to remove hair, but as with laser, its effectiveness is dependant upon the growth cycle of the hair.


How Electrolysis works

A thin needle is inserted into the hair follicle which imparts an electrical pulse, this creates heat to eliminate the follicle. The process takes approximately half a second second per hair which is then removed with tweezers. Her computerised machine ensures maximum comfort and precise control.


As each hair goes through a cycle of growth and rest, the results are seen over an individualised period of time. Electrolysis is most effective during the growth phase of the hair and the treatments repeated until the face or body hair is cleared.

Treatment programs

Treatment programmes are higly individualised and are dependent upon many factors, such as strengh of beard growth and frquency of treatments etc. Please contact Erica for further information on 0044 19328 67502 or by email to poppy@poppybirds.co.uk