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My name is Jenny and The Hidden Woman is my website.


The Hidden Woman is committed to excellence in the treatment and care of transgender patients seeking Facial Feminisation Surgery.


We have set the bar at the highest level, so as to bring you information on the very best in surgery supported by outstanding customer service and patient care.


We spend substantial amounts of money in our quest for change, so it is only proper that we should receive the very best service and clearly stated advice on our proposed procedures together with realistic expectations of their outcome.


We should also receive the very best in customer service, communication, organisation, postoperative care and any revision surgery which may be required. For us, FFS is about much more than being another operation in a hospital's schedule, it is about the realisation of who we wish to be.


In my view excellence in all areas should not be hoped for, it should be guaranteed!


Our site has received over 425000 individual visits since its inception. Do support us as we build it further, for all it can be to our community.

Some background for you

My FFS was undertaken in 2009 by Dr Frans Noorman van der Dussen, whose contribution in the development of pioneering techniques in FFS should not be understated.


Dr Daniel Simon of FACIALTEAM worked with Dr Noorman van der Dussen in Belgium and continued the development of these techniques with Dr Luis Capitan. The Hidden Woman evolved in pursuance of comprehensive quality standards for our care.


The Hidden Woman continues to grow and proudly represents a team of highly skilled and innovative surgeons. Not only is their surgery to the highest standard, they have also built an infrastructure for patient support which challenges all who offer this highly specialised surgery to our community.

The Hidden Woman and FACIALTEAM 

The Hidden Woman will only ever lend her support to those who best serve the needs of our community.


As a transwoman, I see things from many perspectives. I see and support the needs of the patients and of the great importance of our surgery. I know what it is like to have to make all of our own arrangements and also know what it is like to deal with some of these following surgery.

So ask me what its like to be Trans?

Jenny's view

Jenny Bowman

For me, being trans is part of a celebration of human diversity and of our 'absolute' right to present ourselves, and live as the people we really are.

There have been so many wonderful moments as well as some challenging ones - such is life for all regardless. I love the freedom of total expression and the feeling of completeness it brings. I do not have to act like a man, or do man things. I can be colourful, soft and gentle, wear my lovely clothes, shop, and interact with others, in my true personality.

It is also the fulfilment of a lifetime's journey and an affirmation as to the gender in which we strive to live. The process of change; electrolysis, hormones and for some, the many other physical changes, including FFS all of which sets us free.

All of these things are fuelling the intoxicating essence which drives the expression of femininity within us…

Make change, your reality...

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