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Hello and welcome! My name is Jenny and The Hidden Woman is my website.


We remain committed to excellence in the treatment and care of patients seeking their transitional surgeries and Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery (FGCS) combined with many other feminising medical procedures.


We wish to share with you some great News!

Hospital Quiron Marbella

For many years it has been my vision to create a comprehensive resource for many of our transitional needs, composed of complimentary but independent providers of services to our community.


We are delighted to introduce Maxillofacial & Aesthetic specialist Doctor Samuel Benarroch MD, DDS, OMFS, FPRS's and his multidisciplinary team of highly experienced surgeons.


Patient welfare is of paramount importance and all collective FGCS procedures are performed at the prestigious Quiron Hospital Marbella. Where main hospital facilities are available including an Intensive Care Unit.


Our aim is to contiue to build this resource of complimentary service providers to our community.

His Team's goal is total feminisation of the face including an extensive range of soft tissue procedures, combined with specialist Orthognathic surgery and other procedures which are specific to transwomen's needs.


Many other non-invasive procedures are performed from Hospital Banus where Dr Ramon Roige is director. Dr Roige is founder of a highly specialised facial rejuvenation processes and patented Molding Mask treatments. A range of specialised skin care products and treatments are also available.


Medical Specialist Dr. Benarroch and his Team continue to dedicate their surgical expertise in the area of greatest importance to many women: the face. The combination of Maxillofacial and Aesthetic surgical experience offers an excellent approach to Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery.


He heads a multidisciplinary team of specialists dedicated to FGCS and to our community. The process begins with facial analysis to identify key feminisation procedures. Each element is considered in relation to the entire face and comparatives made mathematically to natal female proportions. This process also applies to their dental work as there are often significant differences between a male and female smile and size and shape of our teeth.

Additional procedures

Further procedures, postoperative care & accommodation at 5 star Hospital Banus

Dr. Benarroch and his hair transplant team are specialists in FUE hair transplant procedures. They also offer many body sculpting procedures including breast augmentation.  Beard and body hair removal has always been a long and often painful experience for many transwomen. At Hospital Banus Dr. Benarroch provides a solution utilising oral conscious sedation or twilight sedation to minimise pain and the latest in laser technology and proven permanent hair removal by electrolysis.


Twilight anaesthesia is an anaesthetic technique where a mild dose of general anaesthesia is applied to induce anxiolysis (anxiety relief), hypnosis, and anterograde amnesia (inability to form new memories). The patient is not unconscious, but sedated. Just like regular anaesthesia, twilight anaesthesia is designed to help the patient feel more comfortable and to minimize pain associated with the procedure being performed and to allow the medical practitioner to practice without interruptions. 

More information

Do check out the main header tabs for more detailed information about the range of procedures which are available. Consultations can be arranged by Skype or in person or by photo assessment. To arrange your consultation or to request further information please contact us.